Balaklava High SchoolBalaklava High School

Features & Achievements

Balaklava High School has:

  • A history of academic success in the Senior School
  • A dynamic and emerging Middle School culture
  • Self-reliance is fostered and students are encouraged to learn through investigation and discovery
  • The Student Council is a well-established form of government
  • Balaklava High is a leading school in the field of vocational education
  • A strong and successful tradition in the performing and visual arts
  • Literacy is a focus across the curriculum at all year levels
  • Those with special needs are identified and supported through well-managed programs
  • Confidential counselling is available through the student counsellor, year level coordinators and home group teachers
  • A strong Pastoral Care focus at all year levels
  • Students are encouraged to participate in various curriculum competitions
  • A broad range of sporting opportunities is available
  • A cost-free (to parents) Success Camp rewards those Middle School students who possess a positive attitude and work ethic
  • A health education partnership has been established with local general practitioners
  • A contemporary, attractive and practical school uniform is strongly encouraged

  • Student behaviour management strategies (with clearly-defined consequences) are in place
  • The use, possession and/or distribution of illicit drugs and the unsanctioned use of alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs are not accepted