Welcome to Balaklava High School

Balaklava High School has served the community for over 100 years with a proud tradition of providing broad subject choice and quality programs, in a highly supportive environment that challenges students and sets them up for individual success both at school and after they graduate to reach their full potential. We strive to engage all of our students in dynamic learning through the implementation of highly effective, modern, research based teaching and learning programs.

Over the past few years our facilities have been upgraded to state of the art including modular general learning areas, contemporary Visual Art rooms, a large Performing Arts suite, modern Home Economics Centre and upgrades to existing buildings.  Over this same period of time, we have also upgraded our grounds to include a full sized basketball court, more shelter for students, expansive grassed areas, new outdoor gym/play equipment and footy goal posts. Our school grounds and facilities are the envy of many schools.

Our school values are Positive Relationships, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence and we encourage students to live by these principles in the classroom, the yard, on the bus and online.

Relationships are the basis of everything in schools and it is vital that we make connections with each young person and their family.  To do this, we have a school wide focus on Restorative Practices and we work to build strong relationships with, and amongst, our students.  We work with our students to repair their relationships with others when the need arises.

Whilst the core focus of any school is teaching and learning, Balaklava High School takes an additional approach of focusing on students as individuals by also supporting their wellbeing. To do this, the school offers a variety of programs and resources including the Doctors on Campus program, access to mental health providers and by having a male and female counsellor available at the school for students to access.

Connecting with individual students by building positive relationships and providing relevant, current subject offerings is vital for student success.  We focus on the whole child and work in partnership with our young people and their families to achieve individual success for all.

Whether in terms of the diverse range of learning, technology, musical, sporting or wellbeing opportunities offered, there is something for everyone at Balaklava High School.  I invite you to contact us at the school if you’d like to know any more, to make an enrolment enquiry or to make an appointment for a school tour.  Come and find out exactly what makes Balaklava High School so special.