ICT Support


Daymap is a learning and student management system that helps augment existing school systems for staff, students and parents. Students can access their lessons, timetable, subject outlines, communications and reports through the software and assessment tasks are accessed here also.

Parent Portal is live and can be accessed at https://portal.balakhs.sa.edu.au/DaymapConnect

It can also be accessed by linking on the Home Page. Valuable information such as student timetables, lessons, assessments, results and all assigned homework can be accessed. Students can utilise Daymap as their electronic diary. Messages can also be sent directly to all staff via the Parent Portal. New users can access their account at the link above and will require their email provided to the school and a six-digit student ID found on a student card, Daymap or by contacting the school. Existing users can reset their password on the Portal or by contacting the school. Please ensure that your contact details are up to date. A mobile application can also be downloaded and accessed from home.


Students are able to download Office365 for free if they sign in with their LearnLink account.  They can install this full suite on up to 5 devices so it can be shared with their immediate family if needed.  Part of Office 365 includes access to OneDrive, with 1TB of free cloud storage for each student.  To access this, go to https://portal.office.com/account

Students should get into the habit of saving their schoolwork, resources and other important documents to their OneDrive so they can access this from home.