Key School Contacts

Key School Contacts

Parents and carers should make contact via Daymap or email with the appropriate staff member as soon as any learning or wellbeing issues arise.  Parents should expect a response from a teacher or leader within one school day of their initial contact. 

Initial Concerns

  • Learning/academic – contact the individual subject teacher
  • Attendance and/or wellbeing – contact the homegroup teacher

Ongoing Concerns

  • Literacy/English Coordinator – Joshua La Grutta
  • Numeracy/Mathematics Coordinator – Alana Sharman
  • Student Engagement Coordinator – Colleen Lowe
  • VET Coordinator – Rosemary Goode
  • Wellbeing Senior Leader – Kimberly Walker
  • Middle School Assistant Principal – Michelle Pudney
  • Senior School Assistant Principal – Carena Brookes
  • Principal – Sonia Pringle

Other Key Contacts

  • Business Manager/Finance – Peta Solomon
  • IT Support – Michael Mazzone
  • Enhanced Learning Hub – Neil Richards

Teaching Staff Email Addresses

Carena Brookes

Amber Buick

Luke Clark

Sally Cowan

Eva D’Alboy

Jess Daniel

John Geddie

Rosemary Goode

Laura Hadley

Hannah Hoepner

Josh Jenner

Joshua La Grutta

Ashleigh Leonello

Colleen Lowe

Merridy Manuel

Sarah Mayer

James Mussared

Hudson Noack

Tanya Niblett

Ash Parsons

Sue Pratt

Sonia Pringle

Michelle Pudney

Sarah Reusch

Alison Schahinger

Kelly Schubert

Alana Sharman

David Szular

Richard Thomas

Amy Tilbrook

Suri Umapathysivam

Karyn Von-Zieden

Kimberly Walker

Support Staff Contact Details

Jamie Banwell

Julieanne Brewster

Cherie Cmrlec

Darryl Cott

Charmaine Dos Santos

Mary French

Trish Langdon

Michael Mazzone

Elly Rankin

Bronwyn Reichelt

Neil Richards

Muriel Rix

Barb Rodgers

Peta Solomon

Lucy Sutton

Di Taylor

Abbie Tiller