Student Council

The Balaklava High School Student Council is made up of 30 students representing each year level who are elected by their peers and membership is comprised of the following:

  • 8 students representing Year 12 (2 Students are Head Students, voted in the previous year from sitting Student Council members)
  • 8 students representing Year 11 (2 students are voted in as Deputy Head Students each term, as a lead in to nominating as Head Students in Year 12)
  • 6 students representing Year 10
  • 4 students representing Year 9 (2 students are previous years Scholarship winners)
  • 4 students representing Year 8 (2 students are the Scholarship winners)

Each year two head students are elected from the Year 12 students on Student Council and these students are spokespeople for the school and student body and chair regular Student Council meetings.

The Student Council serves many purposes and aims to:

  • Encourage student participation in all areas of school decision-making
  • Widen the range of activities for, and service to, the students at Balaklava High
  • Represent the students of Balaklava High School on decision-making bodies in the school, such as the Governing Council and its committees
  • Act as a liaison between students and staff.

The Student Council meets regularly and representatives from each year level gather opinions of their peers and they pass information between the Council and the general student body.  Student Council also fosters the development of leadership skills of the representatives and they act as positive role models for other students in the school.